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White Square Gallery / WSG GmbH
Kronenstraße 43 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin- Mitte

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Heinrich Maria Davringhausen

White Square Gallery

Kronenstraße 43 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Opening hours
We-Fr 2-6pm
Sa 2-4pm

Heinrich Maria Davringhausen

Anmerkung: Hier fände ich einen Text angebracht, der sich auf Davringhausen in der White Square Gallery bezieht. Die Vita dann beim Künstler selbst (hier im Menü unter Vita).

Heinrich Maria Davringhausen (1894-1970) is among those who paved the way for Magical Realism and the New Objectivity. In Berlin and Munich in the 1920’s he was seen as one of the most fascinating figures in art, an elegant, charismatic Bohemian, and an innovative pioneer of new pictorial worlds.
Critics recognized a “conviction of blasphemous shamelessness” in his painting while at the same time according him a “love of technical perfection”. The painters George Grosz, Carlo Mense, Anton Räderscheidt, the Wieland brothers and John Herzfelde were among his closest friends.
Ostracized as painter by the National Socialists, as early as 1933 he emigrated with his Jewish wife and children initially to Mallorca, then to Paris, Ascona, and the south of France where he found a new home in Haut-de-Cagnes after the Second World War.
In 1937 20 of Davringhausen’s pictures were confiscated from German museums. His painting “Moon through the Window” which was bought in 1922 by the Ruhmeshalle Barmen, hangs among others in the exhibition “Degenerate Art”.
After 1945, undiminished and with immense working discipline, he creates late work that has evolved consequently from the visual ideas of his earlier creative period.
The exhibition shows predominately work from early creative phase, as well as the blasphemous shamelessness period of emigration.